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Getting Started

You do not need to buy all of this to get started taking photos. The list below is all gear that can be found in one of my many bags and cases that litter the house. I share what I use and it may not be the right choice for you - That is perfectly ok.
In all cases I have linked a site to purchase these items and spent the time finding the best available price as well. Please use caution when buying cameras online - Some retailers will offer much better prices or amazing bundles of stuff that looks very usefull. In most cases the bundles are full of poor quality products and really great deals on cameras can lead you to purchasing a product not intended for the US markets, with no factory warranties. Take your time and invest in quality gear.
Explore the cameras, lenses, and video gear we use.

Let's get the legalities out of the way here. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” All prices are current at the time of posting. Having said that - I personally recommend each and every product shown here. I use them all regularly and can vouch for their quality. Do you need all of these items before you can take amazing photos? Absolutely not. Pick up whatever camera you have and use it.

- The best camera, is the one that you have with you!

- Chase Jarvis -

Explore the on camera and off camera accessories we use.

All these accessories I have acquired over the course of many years. There are a few things here you may not need and that is perfectly ok. Heck, my wife doesn't think I need half this stuff either, and yet here I am...

Explore the computer gear we use

You will find every last piece of this equipment at my desk when it comes time to processing photos and videos. I use it all to help make my workflow more efficient so I can spend more time doing what I love.

Explore the photo storage gear we use and reccomend.

Storage is definitely not somewhere you want to try and save a few dollars. Phone number is at the bottom of the page, give me a call and I will tell you the story.

Explore the storage solutions we use and reccomend.

While I have my preferences, this an area where you can find some much more cost-efficient solutions. I share with you what I currently have and some products I have used in the past with great success.

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