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Justin Cardenas

In the realm of contemporary photography, the name Justin Cardenas stands out. His panoramic vistas feature nature’s glories caught by the superior lens of a keen eye. Near or far, his subjects are cityscapes, airplanes, night skies, landscapes, or animals, confront the viewer with their imposing presence.

Justin was born and raised in Central California where he studied at Fresno City College. He now lives in Tennessee. At forty-five, Justin has clocked over fifteen years in the photography industry with a focus on travel and photography tours. He was able to turn a passionate hobby into a successful business that combines his two true loves: travel and photography. He is a devoted family man with a beautiful wife and two girls, age 14 and 24.

Starting out in black and white film photography, he has expanded his range to color. His vision encompasses many genres from landscape vistas, astrophotography, air shows, and light trails to sunsets, sunrises, cityscapes, light painting, and time lapses.

He has traveled near and far to capture his inventory of images. You can be a part of these adventures as well. Customers seeking custom work take their pick from cityscapes, landscape, events, airshows, time-lapse photography, and astrophotography. He enjoys taking groups out and teaching them how to capture images with whatever camera they have.

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